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If your radiators have cold spots, sludge in the system or you have a noisy boiler, it is most likely that your system needs Power flushing. This will improve the efficiency of the boiler and the whole system. We can undertake this power flushing for you.Central heating systems corrode internelly,when air is added to the system via the feed and expansion tank in the loft, producing black iron components. These particles stick to all surfaces, causing premature failure of pumps and valve, cold difficult to balance radiators, blocked boiler heat exchangers and hot water cylinder heating coils. Overall system efficiently is greatly reduced and fuel wasted.

A Power flushing machine is simply connected into the central heating system either across standard circulatory pump couplings, or across the tails of a radiator or wherever is more practical.The powerful flow combined with an instant reverse switch will dislodge and mobilize deposits and corrosion which resist traditional system cleaning methods. Once the corrosion and sludge deposits have been loosened and mobilized fresh clean water is forced through the heating system, pushing the contaminated water out through a full bore dump valve to a drain.The radiators are individually flushed without removing or disconnecting them from the central heating system by directing the full output of the pump through each radiator separately. At the end of the power flushing process the system contains fresh clean water and reinstatement of the system to normal operation takes only a few minutes.Inhibitor is added to the existing heating system to prevent further corrosion. Power flushing a central heating system will not remedy existing design or mechanical faults. A Tds meter is used to measure the conductivity of water in the existing central heating system before the power flush. We test the mains water supply and record the readings. We than power flush the central heating system, flushing each radiator seperately, we take a Tds reading off the radiators as we power flush. We take a final Tds reading to make sure the water is within 20% off the mains water before we add inhibitor. All the readings are recorded on our power flushing certificate.

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 RADIATORS  £240.00
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 18  RADISTORS  £565.00
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